tokyo art meetings - the fading and the fleeting / by Antonio Jose Guzman

東京アートミーティング - 衰退とつかの間

Atelier GF Workstation is in Tokyo doing our pop-up Transcultural Transit Talks. Our talks are a ephemeral experience that allows people to communicate with us in a collective experience centred around creativity, sound and technology. Our pop-up experiences are ephemeral by their very nature. They last for only a brief period of time. They are transitory and as a result, exciting and compelling. The Supreme Exodus “Tokyo Transit Talks and Impromptus” create a sense of urgency and interrupt daily routines to explore our transcultural motivations.

We meet different art initiatives in Tokyo and talk with artists on the streets of Asakusa. Our goal is to assemble ideas and talks with groups in Tokyo and Dakar that understand the unique and diverse history of art & textiles into our creative processes, from a wide variety of disciplines, cultures and backgrounds.