Atelier GF Workstation 

Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Eerste van Swindenstraat 116 HS
+31(0) 627340646 

Panama City, Panama
Edificio Orion, Via EspaƱa
Panama City, Panama
+507 (0) 2642070


Atelier GF Workstation was founded by Antonio Jose Guzman in 1995. The studio develops innovative multidisciplinary collaborative projects with numerous organisations and institutions internationally. Working in collaboration with a global network of visionary artists. We envision interdisciplinary spaces and audio visual projects exploring the role of the arts in postcolonial cultural politics and researching on hybridising identities. 

The studio is a firebrand deciphering about issues of race and power, reinventing and re-contextualizing modernism as a critical tool in the understanding of cultural studies. Since the studio was founded, we have created a series of self initiated projects, some of which have become influential in both sides of the atlantic.

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