Urbanlab Medellin / by Antonio Jose Guzman

LAIC: Cities in both Latin America and in Europe have become major global actors and strategic territories where tremendous social, political, economic, environmental and cultural changes are currently taking place. Both the EU and Latin America witness a myriad of public and private examples to regenerate public spaces and local communities. In that framework, culture and creativity can offer new perspectives and alternatives to challenges raised by social exclusion and urban development.

Exhibition: Latin American Cartographies BOZAR, Brussels,  May – July 2017

Curator: Antonio Jose Guzman | Organizers – Founders: Bozar, Interarts, European Union

Participants include Carlos Cadena Gaitán, from the arts collective ‘La Ciudad Verde’ in Medellín, Mariela Velasco, from the LAALvaca collective in Puebla, Juan Camilo Lema from the Escuelab project in Lima, Mauricio Brandão, from the Centro Bijari in Sao Paulo and Curitiba, as well as Melissa Guevara from The Fire Theory in San Salvador, joined by other artists and cultural actors from Latin America and Europe.

Urbanlab Medellin

The Colombian city of Medellín is currently hosting a series of encounters between artists and cultural activists to explore the role of the arts vis-a-vis social cohesion in Latin America.

Focusing on crucial contemporary challenges such as mobility, education, memory, violence or sustainability in urban contexts, the laboratory will offer a unique opportunity to experience and explore interdisciplinary and hybrid proposals, methodologies, cartographies, artworks and performances. To achieve this, five international groups – ‘nodos’ –  will be working across Medellín in the coming days to confront the challenges that one encounters in the cities of Puebla (Mexico), Lima (Peru), Curitiba (Brasil), San Salvador (El Salvador) and  Medellín.

Taking place between November 15th and 19th, UrbanLab is part of the EU-funded Project ‘LAIC – Latin American arts for Inclusive Cities’, developed by Interarts (Spain) and the Centre for Fine Arts (BOZAR). The LAIC project aims at promoting the role of arts and culture as a catalyst for inclusive and sustainable development as well as a vehicle to facilitate exchanges and joint actions between the EU and Latin America.

LAIC will culminate with an exhibition at BOZAR, in Brussels, in May-July 2017. A previous LAIC seminar at BOZAR in June 2016 already paved the way for UrbanLab.