Artez Psychogeographic Mapping Research / by Antonio Jose Guzman


A project at BEAR Arnhem guided by teacher / visual artist: Antonio Jose Guzman, focussing on psychogeographical mapping.

Base for Experiment Art and Research
Psychogeographical Mapping.

Project by Antonio Jose Guzman
Theoretical guidance by Laura Van Grinsven

PSY investigates the urban identity and the social interaction between different groups in the city; the project provides a cultural analysis of the spatial mobility and mapping of the Netherlands, the Benelux, the German Ruhrgebied, Paris, Berlin and other European cities, the project is in constant transformation.

PSY examines the psychological and socio-cultural social landscape. What is the socio-cultural mapping of the cities we are investigating? How do different population groups move through the city? With the use of data visualization, mapping and Debord’s psycho-geographical theories, we try to achieve these objectives. The new maps, which I will develop for this project, are based on socio-demographic data and the daily routes of the population. The primary goal of the project is to create a social and critical idea.

Guy Debord’s Naked City; present the most radical departure from the grid. In reaction to the rational city models embraced by Parisian postwar planners in the 1950s, he and his colleagues co-opted the map of Paris, reconfiguring the experience of the city through its authority. By manipulating the map itself, they intervened in the logic of the city, constructing an alternative geography that favored the marginalized, and often threatened, spaces of the urban grid.

Participating students:

Nina Kersaan
Eleonora Johanna Remmen
Jaap van Klinken
Zaid Al-Lozi
Matthijs Homs
Melanie Maria
Harriet Caldwell
Laura Daniels
Gioele Pomante
Nora Welgraven
Bram Groeneveld
Hester Louter
Samuel du Chatinier
Constanze C. Schreiber
Lotte Kwee
Chris Beunk