Kanizsa - Circular Genesis at Depth over Distance / by Antonio Jose Guzman

Locatie: VOX-POP, Binnengasthuisstraat 9, Amsterdam

The exhibition Depth over Distance is the beginning of an investigation into the relationship between art and its audience. Artist Neil Fortune asks himself whether a work of art can ever be finished without an audience. Does the audience complete a work? What constitutes a finished work, the maker or the audience? For this research, Fortune invited 7 Amsterdam based artists to exhibit both 'finished' and 'unfinished' work. What that means differs per work. VOX-POP invites you to visit this ongoing investigation: which is a dialog between the artists, their work and your role as the audience.

Participants: Jesse Ahlers, Cecilia Bengtsson, Tim Hudson, Ian James Carr, Yasser Ballemans, Antonio Jose Guzman, Neil Fortune, Frank Mandersloot.

Opening times: 2nd till 23rd may, 10.00-17.00, workdays but closed on Wednesday.

Location: VOX-POP, Binnengasthuisstraat 9, Amsterdam