bayano - amsterdam museum / by Antonio Jose Guzman

Bayano at Seat at the Table: until 18 February 2018

Seat at the Table, is an interactive installation that establishes a conversation about current sociopolitical issues that also existed during the Golden Age. The works can be seen in the Regentenkamer in the Amsterdam Museum during the duo exhibition ‘Ferdinand Bol and Govert Flinck, Rembrandt’s Meesterleerlingen’

‘Seat at the Table’ has been realized with the cooperation and work of: Marga Weimans, Remco Osorio Lobato, Antonio Jose Guzman & Niek Peters, De Reality, Nasr Azamehr, Bruno Filho, Safaa Khazal. Curated by: Jörgen Tjon a Fong (Urban Myth)