The Supreme Exodus LAB / by Antonio Jose Guzman

Antonio José Guzman is Artist in Residence 2018 at Minerva Art Academy.

Minerva Art Academy in collaboration with Antonio José Guzman is proud to present the results of The Supreme Exodus LAB, on November 30th at 16.00. Four students of NAIP (Prince Claus Conservatoire) will perform during the opening; an improvisation on the visualised DNA of Guzman himself. On December 14th, the exhibition will end with a spectacular parade that starts at 15.00 at Praediniussingel 59. During this parade, students will walk in the costumes and students of NAIP will perform their music on the spot.

Students worked together last month with artist Antonio Jose Guzman to create an exuberant collection of costumes, masques and head pieces. Inspired by the ongoing project of Guzman on migration, DNA and origin, the students make costumes of the most diverse materials. The exterior of matrasses – symbolic for the items migrants take with them across the border-, folded paper, dolls and flags. In addition, fifty m2 textile is screenprinted to use in the costumes. In addition to the presentation in the Koepelzaal, the costumes will be worn in a procession during the Biennial of Havana in April 2019. 

Project Coordinators: Sanne Boekel, Margriet Brouwer & Iva Jankovc

The Supreme Exodus LAB
The project is part of The Supreme Exodus, an ongoing project in which Guzman is inspired by the recent history of migration in Latin-America. Artist Antonio José Guzman constructed his monumental project from images of migration and demonstrations in Latin-America and the graphic image of his own DNA. He examines views on socio-cultural identity and migration problems. His installations can be seen as a data visualization of a continuous investigation into displacement and exile in Latin-America and the rest of the world.

Artist in Residence 2018
Each year in 2017, 2018 and 2019, Minerva Art Academy invites a different international top artist (Fine Art or Design) to work as an Artist in Residence. The AIR-project takes place at some of the workshops, for example metal or electronics, as part of the study programme. A learning and inquisitive working environment arises through the link with the artist in residence. Students and the AIR work together in an intensive research in which physical experiments are conducted. These experiments lead to a joint result and can be the starting point for new research. 

Important dates 
The Supreme Exodus: 30 November – 14 December 2018
Opening: 30 November 16.00 
Finissage: 14 December 
Havana Biennial: April 2019