Academie Minerva Groningen - Artist in Residence (AIR) 2018 / by Antonio Jose Guzman

I'am thrilled to take part in this new adventure! The Supreme Exodus - towards the 13 Bienal de La Habana

Academie Minerva Groningen - Artist in Residence (AIR) 2018 - The Supreme Exodus. #thesupremeexodus

Minerva Academy, Groningen has invited Antonio Jose Guzman for the Artist in Residence 2018 project.

Academie Minerva Groningen invites in 2017 Jongeriuslab / Hella Jongerius, 2018 and 2019 an international top artist (visual artist and / or designer) as Artist in Residence.

The AIR project takes place in some of the ten workplaces, for example metal and electronics, as part of the education. The link with the AIR creates a learning and researching work environment.

The students and the AIR are together in an intensive research project in which physical experiments are carried out. These experiments lead to innovations and new technologies.

Exhibition The Supreme Exodus.

Location: Koepelzaal Academie Minerva, Praediniussingel 59, Groningen

The Supreme Exodus is a collaboration between Academy Minerva, Antonio Jose Guzman and Atelier GF Workstation.