Présence – Hogon Series

Masquerades, Dogon myths,  Afro-Panamanian rituals and extinct carnival manifestations. The project questions presents thoughts on ancestry and notions of cultural identities as well as possibilities and ideas referring to exile identities, migratory aesthetics and how they bring together thoughts, experiences and dialogues that configure the world of the Diaspora in postcolonial globalised times.

Présence celebrate the history of the Congo communities in Panama, were carnival traditions celebrate the resistance of Cimarrones, Africans who escaped their colonial Spanish masters and established independent communities in the hills and rainforests of the Americas.

Dukkha – The Unequivocal Series

For the works in Dukkha I use Nkondi, drawings, paintings and threads, exploring colonialism and racial issues such as violence against black bodies, the damaging effects of beauty hierarchies and visual profilingNails, threads, marine ropes, wood, carvings and different sorts of geometric drawing explorations, have all been used to literally and figuratively load the figures, forming dark clouds of criss crossed lines across the imaginary.

I call my mixed media works Neo Deconstructivism because they are influenced by what is called in semiotic analysis “the theory of deconstruction”. The works explore geometric multi layer patterns by creating asymmetrical starburst images that associate the viewer to diasporics histories and rituals.


In Transhumanized Guzman works with multi-generic collages. In this ongoing series the artist investigate the relationship between black bodies and space. The works take the imaginary from it’s original participation with a medium, juxtaposing and creating sculptural transformations. Transhumanized is an exploration of structure and light, contemplating different compendiums and amorphic mutations.

Monochromatic – Ajrakh DNA sequences

Silk-screening, woodblock printing and laser cuts make the repetitions of my DNA sequences part of the ancestral meaning of the images on this project. In Monochromatic I repeat images until repetition is magnified into multiple themes. We are all members of numerous and overlapping communities, each of us has an identity composed of multiple layers and similar genetics, simultaneously we are all members of multiple lifeworlds.

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