Dukkha – Transfigured landscapes

Omi International Arts Center, New York  *2014

My work is a journey between architectural principles and utopias that collide in the multidisciplinary use of different disciplines. Photography and video has changed our perceptions in a psychological and philosophical way, the images on my work exploit the tension between chaos and order, that is present in the world today. Nowadays it’s hard to sense reality and who we are, our sense of reality is not real. What we see is what we been programmed to see.

I see my projects as the documentation of the contemporary sociological mapping. In globalized urban environments people inhabit meaningful spaces, these spaces are vernacular landscapes. The aim of my work is to create audiovisual storytelling, with projects related to gravity, history, my African identity and the Diaspora.

(PDF file) Texts and descriptions of all installation works

Mapping Los Angeles

Gup Gallery, Amsterdam – H&B Gallery, Los Angeles * 2013


Galleri Image, Aarhus, Denmark – Moretti & Moretti, Paris
Corridor Gallery, NYC – Gemak De Vrije Academie, The Hague
Knipsu, Bergen, Norway *2011 – 2013


the state of L3 & gravitational series

Dakar Biennial – Sharjah Biennial
MHKA Museum of Modern Art Antwerp *2008 – 2011


reconstructed landscapes

Earthworks: Artscape Nordland, Norway – Dakar – Panama *2011


Concept Studies

Research sketches for installations, focusing on rhizomatic platforms,
spheres and transatlantic journeys. *2008 – 2014

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