Dukkha – Transfigured landscapes

Omi International Arts Center, New York  *2014

My work is a personal journey between aesthetics and conceptual ideas that collide in the multidisciplinary use of different disciplines. The images on my work exploit the tension between chaos and order, that is present in the world today. Nowadays it’s hard to sense reality and who we are, our sense of reality is not real. What we see is what we been programmed to see.

(PDF file) Texts and descriptions of all installation works

Los Angeles Mapping Project

Gup Gallery Amsterdam, The Netherlands * 2013

Windward Mapping Project

Held and Bordy Family Gallery, Los Angeles * 2013

Piertopolis at Gemak

Gemak De Vrije Academie, The Hague, The Netherlands * 2012

Piertopolis Project

Museum ‘t Kromhout – Moretti & Moretti – Corridor Gallery – Panama Biennial

MHKA Parallel Doors of Perception

MHKA Museum of Modern Art Antwerp  – The State of L3 * 2011

the state of L3 & gravitational series

Smart Project Space – Dakar Biennial – Sharjah Biennial


Knipsu, Flaggfabrikken Center for Photography and Contemporary Art Bergen, Norway * 2011

reconstructed landscapes

Knipsu – Flaggfabrikken – Artscape Nordland, Norway * 2011


The Door of Return

Shared Heritage – Visual Arts Center Amsterdam South East & Kunstenlab Deventer * 2013

Piertopolis Bridge Series

Galleri Image Aarhus, Denmark – El Rompio, Panama * 2011

Inside the Vault

La Casona Panama City * 2009

D.A.T.E.D Performances

Performances at Dimanche Rouge 2012 | Petit Ban & Divan Du Monde, Paris, France * 2012

I’am in everything that you are…

Photographic Impromptu at Coney Island New York | Kerala India * 2011

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